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Gastro-intestine cleansing

The aim of gasto-intestine tract cleansing is to get rid of pathogenic or semipathogenic flora, gut parasites, to restore the  intestine and secretion of digestion juice, reinoculate friendly flora.

The programme consists of 4 main stages:

  • the removal ( of pathogenic flora)
  • The replacement
  • reinoculation
  • regeneration

The first stage – the replacement of pathogenic flora is the cleaning of intestine from toxic elements that are produced by parasites during their life circle. It also includes prevention of intestine irritation caused by eating allergy products.  

The next stage is reinoculation of friendly and healthy bacterias that help to balance the flora. This balance in its turn provides restoration of intestine, immune and protective functions, intensifies digestion processes.

Finally the intestine cells can be restored if necessary.